Ca' del Bosco 2013 Brut: Perfection in Sight

For the last fifteen years, Ca ' del Bosco has perfectioned the sorting of grapes when they arrive in Vats, which is demonstrated by cleaning the berries in water basins, before a technologically elaborate drying process. This degree of excellence is crowned during the degorgement phase that occurs in a completely oxygen-free enclosure. The result? All cuvées show a purity of character that signs a style, while keeping the signature of a vintage when declared. As such, the 2013 is exemplary.

Comment by Ca ' del Bosco crude 2013:
2013 in Lombardy was a complicated vintage due to a fairly rainy spring that mainly thwarted the blooming of the red grape varieties. A more lenient, even warm end of summer  rebalanced the dynamics of the vegetative cycle to offer healthy grapes during the harvest, if sorting was thorough... And from this last detail, Ca ' del Bosco became the almost obsessive specialist.
We find in this cuvee a character both delicate and profound that the Ca ' del Bosco wines are known for.
It's aroma is expressive, oriented towards the yellow fruits (apples, apricots, plums) with a small reminiscent hint of red sugar and ginger biscuits.
The effervescent baffles at first, because it exudes very little gas, but the bubbles are abundant like a cuvée Satèn (which it is not), in a light and enveloping way. They are expected to quickly disappear into the glass, yet a quarter of an hour later they are still present.
The volume is aerial, the white grape varieties take over the Pinot noir in the behavior, but the latter take it back in the final aromas: the bitters distribute the usual notes of malt, even of walnut skin that give it a long lasting taste.
It is a big mousseux, comparable to those of the Marne, because it was launched on the market, so that it is consumed on time. The characteristics of the vintage have been respected to highlight its qualities and conceal its flaws. And this is the talent of Ca ' del Bosco: To know how to use advanced technology in the vats while preserving the signature of nature.

At the same time tasty and tense, this Franciacorta 2013 is a mastered wine that will delight the diners with an appetizer of salmon mousse with dill, a carpaccio of scallops with basil lemon or a shrimp Tian with zucchini, for example...

September 5th, Monsieur Bulles