A Family Affair

Michel Montaruli, an immigrant born in Italy, in the region of Puglia, has dedicated his life to enriching his fellow Quebec citizens with the knowledge of Italian wines and Italian gastronomy. It was in 1969 that he founded Montalvin to which eventually both his children, Natalia and Jean Michel, joined forces, allowing the agency to prosper.

Since 2005, Jean-Michel Montaruli proudly carries on the direction of Montalvin with the same passion and love shown by his father and sister in the past.

Trusting Relationships

Many great Italian wineries have been introduced to Quebec thanks to Montalvin and the vision and intuition of the Montaruli family behind it all. These producers have become much more than simple business partners; they have become friends and have remained in the Montalvin portfolio until this day.

Today, more than thirty renowned producers from all the important wine regions of Italy are evolving within the agency. Keeping in mind our original mission, we are constantly seeking to improve our offering to the Quebec consumers by pursuing new partnerships with promising and brilliant producers as well as established ones and this from all over the world..

Our partners, our priority

Armed with more than 50 years of experience, Montalvin has accumulated a wide variety of assets, including important expertise and knowledge of the Quebec wine and spirits industry. Our team is more than well equipped to advise and guide its clients through such a competitive and changing market environment, offering a personalized strategy reflection on individual products or brands as well as the development of a specific marketing action plan.

We believe in our producers and always award their concerns our top priority. At Montalvin, we consider that your success is the only true representation of our own.

Quebec, our market

Quebecer’s tremendous love for wine continues to grow with Italian wines remaining a longtime favorite among all contenders. Its population of 8 million, enjoying over 23 liters of wine per capita annually, places Quebec as the top North American consumer. 

Consumers in Quebec are curious, awakened and highly knowledgeable in the field of wine and spirits. In order to meet their expectations, Montalvin selects outstanding producers and the finest wines that best represent their origin and territory. Introducing local consumers to the richness and diversity of products has always been a top priority.

To achieve our goals, our efforts are mainly centered around the SAQ network composed of more than 400 points of sale. Our wide range of products can be found primarily in the specialty products section, but can also be found in the general products category. Some of our higher-end products are featured among those at the SAQ Signature and in the Courrier Vinicole, both these channels are catering to the high end Quebec clientele. Finally, a select set of exceptional products are privately imported to complete the range of our product offering to consumers and on-trade customers.

A seasoned team

Backed by its 50 years of experience, Montalvin is without a doubt a leading reference when it comes to Italian wines in Quebec and broadens its portfolio with wines from France and the USA. The agency has built a valuable reputation and substantial credibility amidst SAQ leaders, employees, and advisors at the branch level.

Close to the human dimension, Montalvin can rely on a strong, experienced and motivated team of 10 people, which includes 5 sales representatives who cover the entire province.

The team’s constant commitment, passion and engagement is what truly makes Montalvin a leading player in Quebec.By continuously sharing its passion for Italy with the SAQ, restaurants, the press and the strong community of wine lovers, the agency pursues with confidence the mission forth by its founder.